• Fine Spirits Pvt Ltd

    FSPL was incorporated on August 7, 2015 with registered office at Chennai and branch office at Mumbai and manufacturing operations at Pune.

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The Fine Spirits

  • alcohol

    We have exclusive private label production centers for Alcoholic beverages, Spirits, Wine and Beer; all these products can be manufactures on a neutral packaging concept. We can offer branded liquor products through our Associates in Rotterdam and London.

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  • alcoholic beverages

    Production of the beverages products are also done on a neutral packaging concept. Our company has exclusive private Label Production Centers for Alcoholic beverages, Spirits, Wine and Beer. At each stage of the beverage development process, our experts create the best possible concept

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Fine Techno packs LLC

Main Objective: The company has been set up with the main object of engaging in the business of export of merchandise from India to various countries.Presently company is engaged in the business of exports both trading in various commodities like ENA,Ethanol,Paking material as well manufacturing of complete bottling lines and Pet Blow Moulding machines at pune facility.

Capital: Nominal and paid-up capital of Rs. 1 lakh contributed equally by both promoters. i.e. 5000 shares of Rs. 10/- each subscribed by Shri J B Nigade and Smt. R Kouslya

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