Fine Spirits Pvt Ltd (FSPL)

FSPL was incorporated on August 7, 2015 with registered office at Chennai and branch office at Mumbai and manufacturing operations at Pune.

Capital: Nominal and paid-up capital of Rs. 1 lakh contributed equally by both promoters. i.e. 5000 shares of Rs. 10/- each subscribed by Shri J B Nigade and Smt. R Kouslya

Main Objective: The company has been set up with the main object of engaging in the business of export of merchandise from India to various countries.Presently company is engaged in the business of exports both trading in various commodities like ENA,Ethanol,Paking material as well manufacturing of complete bottling lines and Pet Blow Moulding machines at pune facility.

Performance till Date

Though the company was incorporated on August 7, 2015, it commenced its operations through its first export shipment only in December 2015. As such ,the last fiscal financials (First Year of Operations: 31 st March,2016 and Financial Year Ending 31 st March 2017. The company since its incorporation has been mainly engaged in exporting ENA, Machineries, Packing materials, pipe fittings and capital goods to customers based in the west Asian and African countries.

Within short span of time with the efforts of Company’s Directors and consultants having vast experience and Company’s International Market Sales Representatives in Singapore UAE, West and East Africa , achieved Turnover to the tune of INR 1200 Lacs in last financial year ending 31 st March,2017.

Given that the operations were only for past two and half years, the company achieved a Total Turnover of INR 1800 lacs till date which is remarkable considering new SME Enterprise. operations.